Our Mission

At Niucrom, our mission is to create a more sustainable future for Romania and beyond by transforming waste and residues from vegetable oil crushing plants and manufacturers into valuable resources with zero waste for the producer.



We believe that waste is not just a problem to be solved, but an opportunity to create value and build a more circular economy. By collecting and processing these materials, we help reduce the environmental impact of the vegetable oil industry while providing a reliable source of raw materials for other industries, such as biofuels/ biodiesel, ECO paints and varnishes, ECO putty and mastics, ECO fertilizer and/ or biogas .



Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our business, from our collection and transportation methods to our state-of-the-art processing facilities. We adhere to strict environmental and safety standards and work closely with our partners to continuously improve our processes and reduce our carbon footprint.


Go Beyond

But our mission goes beyond just recycling waste. We also strive to create a positive impact on our local communities by supporting local businesses, providing employment opportunities, and promoting education and awareness about sustainability issues.

Join us on our mission to create a more sustainable future. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to partner with us in reducing waste and building a circular economy.