Recovered Vegetable Oil (RVO)

Our RVO is extracted from plant-based products such as soybeans, corn, rapeseed, and sunflowers, which are used in various food products. After we collect all waste and residues we take process using our unique technology to obtain our refined RVO. Our RVO comes in various grades and can be used in the production of biodiesel and industrial lubricants.

Our “Recovered Vegetable Oil (RVO)” product is a high-quality and sustainable solution for technical applications. Our product is obtained from all waste and residues of vegetable origin coming from vegetable oil manufacturers. Our RVO is a versatile and cost-effective option for technical use, including as a feedstock for biodiesel production and as a lubricant for machinery.

Our RVO product is produced through a rigorous process of filtration and purification. We collect waste and residues from vegetable oil manufacturers and carefully filter and purify them to remove any impurities or contaminants. This ensures that our RVO product meets the highest standards of quality and cleanliness.

It’s important to note that our RVO is only made for technical use and is not meant to be used as animal feed or for human consumption. We have taken measures to ensure that our RVO is not contaminated with any harmful substances or pathogens that could pose a risk to animals or humans.

Additionally, our RVO product is fully sustainable. We have zero GHG emissions from our production process. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond just our product – we also use sustainable packaging materials and have implemented energy-efficient practices in our production facility.

Our RVO product is a sustainable choice for the environment. By using waste and residues from vegetable oil manufacturing, we are reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills and reducing our reliance on virgin resources. Additionally, using RVO in place of traditional lubricants and feedstocks can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as RVO has a lower carbon footprint than virgin vegetable oil.

In addition to its environmental benefits, RVO is also a cost-effective choice for businesses. By utilizing RVO, businesses can reduce their costs for raw materials and waste disposal. Additionally, using RVO in place of traditional lubricants and feedstocks can extend the lifespan of machinery and equipment, saving businesses money in the long run.

Our RVO product is available in a variety of quantities to suit the needs of our customers, from small businesses to large corporations. We pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and quality, and we are confident that our RVO product will meet and exceed your expectations.